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Works great

I havent had any issues. I use it on iPhone 5, iPad Air, PS4, and Apple TV and the quality is great and the glitches are minimal. If your wifi/cellular is fast enough it works almost flawlessly.

It does what it says.

Pretty good. I HATE the blackouts though.


App often freezes. Not the best.

Great app when it works, but Im tired of re-downloading it

This app is a wonderful idea, but it fails too often. Having videos stop playing is merely annoying (though it also defeats the purpose of the app entirely), but having the app completely lock up and force me to delete it and download it -- which has occurred roughly once a month for more than a year now -- goes too far.

Great App

Always stream it to our Apple TV and looks great in hi def. only way we can watch NDSU football in the championship.

Excellent App...

...and easy to navigate!

Works well and you get your ESPN anywhere!

Must have!

Great access

I love the app for access to college sports. I dont like the fact that it freezes when it goes to commercial break.

First Time User

This will make my U of Tenn basketball season Cover games that I would miss. Bless you!

All Sports Anywhere!

ESPN gets it right. They know the future is now & have been ahead of the game in streaming live. The experience keeps improving across all devices. If only their was an ESPN streaming subscription so we could cut the cable cord forever!

Love its

Keep me up to date with all the sports when Im not at home!


Great app... Can take the game with me. Life is great.

Does nothing

Wont do anything. Just a frozen picture. If you click the last 30 seconds you get picture but no sound.

The App

I cant say enough good things about this app. It allows me to watch all of my games that I cant get on regular tv. The streaming is simply GREAT. Thanks

Great App

This is an awesome way to catch up on missed games and to watch games that you might not get on TV. Just get it.

Nice app!

Works great! I would give 5 stars if I could cast your app to my Visio smart tv. Wish it wasnt blacked out in certain areas because of one cable company monopolizing access. Which is Cox in our area.

The commercials!

Way too many commercials. I thought something was wrong because of how many were being shown.

Great app

Love this app. First thing open and last thing close.


I really enjoy this program. How great to be able to watch those non-income producing sports!


Da best app ever espn is so awesome

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